Web Edition - User Management

In settings select “User Manager“. Users can be added, inactivated and modified including permission change.

Add Users

Press the “Add User“ button. Then enter the user email address and press “Invite User“. A welcome email is send out and the user ready to login at https://alignokr.web.app/login. At first time login the user must request a password over email selecting the “Invited User“ tab.

(The welcome email might be blocked by spam filters however its informative so not needed for login)

Enter the email address and press “Invite User“

At first login request email password reset under “Invited User“

Remove Users

Press the plus button for the user that shall be removed. Select “Disable User“ and the user is not able to login. The user can be enabled at a later point in time.

User Roles

There are four different user roles. Different roles can be assigned to different permissions in the workspace permission scheme. Admin users are also allowed to enable the “Admin permission“ restricting or granting actions such as “Delete a Workspace”.

  • Regular

  • Lead

  • Viewer

  • Admin