Align OKR Documentation


Align OKR for Jira Cloud is a full feature affordable OKR solution. Developed from the ground up supporting a 2000 person enterprise company. We love OKR and want to enable it fall all users. Please see below the key solution principals.

Design principals


Design principals



All users to have access. A key OKR point is transparency and visibility


Full support tailoring to different OKR processes not the other way around


The app must offer a complete OKR solution feature set driving full user value


Enterprise security and privacy. Companies must trust the security architecture




Excel Like Way of Working

Fully configurable OKR table. Create your own columns or swap in default ones such as labels, lead and duedate. Quickly export to Excel


Align and Assign OKRs

Align and assign OKRs between company, group, team, personal with full support for multiple OKR alignments






Quickly see OKR status and take actions

Multiple Reports

Drive visibility with multiple reports such as performance, alignment and user. Clickable down to individual OKRs for editing




OKRs on Gantt Roadmap

Visualize OKRs roadmap on gantt chart with dependencies