Boja OKR centers around workspaces. A workspace can be of type company, group, team and personal. Each workspace has a permission scheme, lead person and unique key. A personal workspace can be public or either public or private to the user.

OKR objective and key results are then added to to different workspaces. This can be done in a fully customisable table working like in Excel or in a graphical chart view. On Jira cloud Jira Issues can be linked to both objectives and key results.

Finally Objectives in different workspaces can be aligned (upstream). This means that a team can align its objective to both a group as well as a company objective. Key result can also be assigned (downstream). This means that a manager can assign one of his key result to an employee or team for them to work on.

  • Workspace Manager

  • Create Workspace

  • Private Workspaces

Workspaces Manager

Create Workspace

Press the right top “Create New Workspace“ button

Private Workspace

Private workspaces are hidden in the Boja OKR user interface. However individual user access are not restricted on the database level so it is not “true privacy”. This means all users with access to the Jira/web instance can through “hacking” also view private workspaces. So on Jira please put sensitive information in linked Jira issues restricted by issue permission.