Risk Register for Jira Cloud


Risk Register for Jira Cloud is what we believe to be the most powerful and easy to use Risk Management solution for Jira. Built from scratch for Jira cloud adding risk management support to the Jira issue workflow (Available at Atlassian Marketplace)




Risk register using Jira issues. Powerful and easy to use with risk mitigations, log and inline issue edit. JQL search and export to Excel supported



Fully customisable risk matrix including dashboard gadget. Quickly visualise your risks and take actions





Report progress to stakeholders with risk burndown chart. Capture your historically risks changes over time


Assign risks to issues directly from the issue screen or create new ones in risk register


Main features

  • Add risk to any Jira issue

  • Customisable Risk Register with mitigations and log. For one or multiple projects supporting a global risk view

  • Customisable Risk Matrix with dashboard gadget

  • Risk burn-down chart

  • Export Risk Register to Excel

  • Search for issue risk severity, impact and probability with Jira JQL    

Additional value

  • Built for Jira cloud with no remote servers or databases. All data stored in your Jira instance.

  • High performance being able to work with Risks without jumping between screens or direct in the Jira issue.