Advanced Roadmap

Quickly visualise the bigger picture on a Gantt Roadmap. All issues on the Jira instance can be added to the roadmap including Initiatives, dedicated issues, Epics, any JQL, project, boards, favorit filters.

The roadmap is a full feature roadmap supporting: showing progress, milestones, dependencies, zoom level, export to image or PDF, zooming, clickable to multiple levels, setting dedicated icons on issues to alert importance.

Add Issues to Roadmap

Press the plus icon to add issues to roadmap. Please note that all Initative created are automatically added with its content.

After pressing the plus button you can add Epics or Issues via JQL to the Roadmap. To add dedicated issues loaded in the structure tab please select the “Show Structure loaded Issues“ to the right. This will show a selectable table with all issues loaded into the solution.

Please see below for default gantt task bar colors. All are configurable.


Gantt Task Bars Color


Gantt Task Bars Color





Open Issue


Done Issue


Add Milestone and Issue Dependencies

After pressing the top left plus icon both milestone and dependences between issues can be created. For dependency its often better to press on an item bar directly and create the dependency from there (see picture three below)

Roadmap Item Detail View

Click on a Roadmap task bar to open the item detail view. In this view there are a number of configuration options as well as more information on the the Jira issue itself.

Configure: Item color, notification icon, dependency

Information: Go to the Jira issue or press forecast for the Monte Carlo forecasted delivery date

Epics and Initiatives delivery date can be forecasted with Monte Carlo simulations (50% to 85% probability landing zone) by pressing the “forecast” button. Please note that the forecast might fail if the scope is to little or not enough done issues in the selection.

Auto-Schedule Delivery Date

For Epics and Initiatives the expected delivery date range (50% to 85% probability) can be forecasted with Monte Carlo simulation. Please note that the forecast might fail if the scope is to little or not enough done issues in the selection.

All items that are successfully auto-scheduled are shown with yellow color. The user can then chose to either accept the new forecast dates or return to previous ones.

Configure Roadmap

Press the top left configure icon. Set the item row height, timescale (week or month) and if progress should be calculated on issue count or story point

The solution also supports selecting the Jira custom fields used for roadmap issues start and end date (Jira cloud only)