Advanced Roadmap

Agile project includes the #1 Gantt solution available fully integrated into Jira. The roadmap is launched from the apps menu as well as by teams from the project view.


Add tasks to roadmap

Easily add individual Jira issues, manual tasks as well as Initiatives created in the structure tab. Click on the top left green “Add“ icon to add to the bottom or right click on a task to add inline.


Edit roadmap task

The solution supports full drag & drop including setting dependencies. Task names can be edited directly inline. For all edit details right click on a roadmap task and and select “Edit“.



The solution comes with a powerful scheduling engine. The engine schedule task based on task constraints such as dependencies and start date. Individual tasks can also be manually scheduled by setting this option in the task edit widget.


Critical Paths


Jira settings

To open the Jira Settings widget press the “Settings“ button and select “Jira“. The widget has two tabs “Synchronize Dates“ and “Columns on Gantt“.

Synchronize Dates

In this view both the default scheduler option for Jira tasks can be configured as well as full bi-directional synchronization with Jira fields.

Columns on Gantt

Jira fields can be added as roadmap columns. Each column can then be rearranged, sorted and free text filtered.