How to Load Data

In Agile Project all issues (including issues in Epics and subtasks) are loaded into the solution in the Structure tab. Once loaded they are visualised in the tree table.

Please note that on Jira cloud opening the solution from the board all board Issues are automatically loaded.

Plus Icon

After pressing the plus icon you can load one or multiple projects, Jira boards, Jira JQL (cloud only) and your personal favorite filters.

Depending which options above that are selected there are some configurations. Please see below for the most common ones.

  • Use the filter to quickly find what you want to load for projects, boards and favorite filters.

  • You can modify the JQL. Please note that you should load all issues, also the done ones, for forecasting, lean metrics and reports to work. As an example it's quite common that teams removes issues in the board filter so for them please edit the JQL to load all.

  • Some projects have a huge amount of issues. To reduce the issue to load set the “Create from“ date picker.

Add Epics

You can load one or multiple dedicated Epics into Agile Project. Please note that the default Epics to select are Epics created the last 18 months. Press the “Load all“ for the solution to fetch all Epics on the Jira Instance.

Folder Icon

Pressing the folder icon shows the overview of data loaded. Please note that users can load date to the general structure tab or to dedicated created Initative. Initative are like buckets and if created shown separately in the overview.