Agile Project


Agile Project for Jira Cloud & Jira Data Center/Server is a full feature enterprise solution for your projects and teams. It offers advanced roadmap, answer when you are done using Monte Carlo simulations, actionable lean metrics (12), complete set of reports (12), issue dependency view and Jira dashboard tracking gadget.

The solution is available at Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud and as a standalone Mac or Windows App for Jira data center and server.

Plan, forecast, improve and report

Advanced roadmap, initiatives, monte Carlo delivery date forecasting, actionable lean metrics, reports and issue dependency



Forecast and Track your Delivery Date

Monte Carlo simulation forecasting with date range and probability. Play scenarios for Initiatives, Epics or any Jira data

Advanced Roadmap for One or Multiple Teams

Roadmap for any Issues supporting child-issues, progress, dependency, milestone, initiatives and auto-schedule




Improve and report status with actionable metrics, reports, BI and visulize issue dependencies for Scrum and Kanban